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 Russian shashlik
Russian food Russian Shashlik  Varenyky (Filled Dumplings)
Russian food Varenyky (Filled Dumplings)  Russian Piroshki
Russian food Piroshki  Russian salad
Russian food Russian salad  Russian Borscht
Russian food Borscht
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Most Popular Recipe Most Popular Recipe. Russian Blini
Olga Thomas This site is the book of my recipes and ideas I am collecting for years - my favourite dishes, variants of decorations, useful advises, interesting thoughts and materials about healthy food. The information could be also useful for those who love good home food. I love to share my ideas.
My biggest thanks to my friend Ben, who loves Russia and russian kitchen. This english version is something that I started out of his idea.
For You, my precious one!
                                                                                   Olga Thomas

Russian kitchen recipes

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